A day in the life of a SAHM: Part I – the morning fiasco

For convention’s sake, I’m starting the morning at the point at which I finally give up on trying to put the children back to bed.

06:00 Woken by the baby crying, the toddler crying or poo erupting from the baby like Mt Vesuvius. Possibly all three. Husband continues sleeping.

6:30 Baby changed/fed, toddler up. Start to ask toddler what she would like for breakfast. Receive no response.

6:40 Give up and start making own breakfast.

6:50 Sit down to start eating. Toddler immediately demands breakfast.

6:55 Give toddler requested breakfast.

6:56 Toddler requests different breakfast.

7:00 Cannot quite believe that bedtime is still 13 hours away.

7:15 Get on with washing etc while trying to keep an eye on toddler to make sure she’s not squashing/biting/hitting/standing on baby. Make lunch for husband (who is still asleep).

7:45 Accept that toddler probably isn’t going to eat breakfast. Decide to get toddler dressed.

8:00 Still trying to get toddler to put pants on.

8:15 Husband finally emerges. Run into the shower, instructing husband to feed/clothe child. Toddler suddenly needs a wee. Do not have time to wash and dry hair and it is -4c outside; decide to use dry shampoo. End up looking like Cruella De Vil and have to wash hair anyway.

8:25 Showered, dressed, teeth brushed. Toddler still has no clothes on and has not eaten breakfast.

8:30 Get toddler dressed by promising to go out. Baby starts crying.

8:35 Toddler puts wellies on, despite no rain. Decide not to argue. It’s not worth it. Baby still crying.

Yes, she has these wellies. Yes, they are hideous. And yes, they were the cheapest I could find.

8:45 Change baby’s nappy ready to go out while trying to stop toddler from running around with muddy wellies.

8:55 Ready to leave! Just need to get toddler’s coat on. Toddler wants to eat congealed porridge/soggy cereal/limp toast rejected over an hour ago. Does not want to put coat on. Baby continues to cry.

9:05 Toddler takes boots off for some reason. Baby cries.

9:15 Everyone is out of the house!

11:15 Return to house for nap time. Realize that husband was last out of the door and therefore has house keys.

A day in the life part II – the interminable afternoon

A day in the life part III – ‘bed’time

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11 thoughts on “A day in the life of a SAHM: Part I – the morning fiasco”

    1. I am very glad that there is only one baby… I just cannot even begin to get my head around how parenting twins and a toddler is possible – and all mothers of triplets should automatically be made Dames.

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