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My favourite little girl

I didn’t find out the sex of my daughter when I was pregnant with her because I didn’t want to create a personality for her in my mind – I just wanted to find out who she was over time. Now she’s two and a half, her personality is getting clearer and clearer every day.

In some ways she’s very like me; in other ways she’s completely different. She’s very sociable and outgoing – two personality traits that I wish I had, but really don’t. She can be a bit shy when she first meets someone, but this lasts for about five minutes at most and then she’s bossing the other children around playing with the other children with no timidity at all. She’s brave, too. I am a complete wimp – I hate heights and theme parks and horror movies. She climbs all over everything, even when she falls and hurts herself she just gets back up.

Much as I moan about how awful two-year olds are (and there’s no denying that they can be spectacularly awful), I’m also really enjoying seeing my daughter at this age. She’s becoming a little person and it’s fab. Except for when her (very strong) opinions do not match mine, obviously.

She’s so enthusiastic. She loves flowers and birds and animals and insects. She can’t get enough of diggers and trains and tractors and planes and cars and buses. She loves jumping and galloping and running and hopping and swimming. She adores colouring and painting and glueing and drawing and writing. She takes about a million photos a day (on my phone…). She enjoys singing and dancing and playing the drums and the ‘panio’. She always wants to bake and cook. (If you ever need anything stirring, she’s your girl.) She loves the sun. She loves the rain. She’s a bookworm. She is extremely particular, when she wants to be, and has excellent fine motor skills. Everything is beautiful or pretty or tasty or yummy or funny or lovely. I could watch her play for hours – but I’d have to hide because if she spotted me I’d have to join in.

Her enthusiasm is infectious and I never want it to go away.

When I’m covertly watching her play, I can’t help but wonder what she’ll grow up to be. She’s so full of potential.

Maybe her bossiness, sorry, I mean natural leadership abilities will mean she’ll become a CEO.

Maybe she’ll be a musician? Or an artist? Or a chef? Or a photographer? Or a pilot? A fourth-generation civil servant? A software developer like her dad? A housewife like me?

Will she always love being in nature? Will she always have such enthusiasm for learning? Will she always be so creative and so active?

I can’t wait to find out, but at the same time I want her to stay as my little girl forever.

Whatever she chooses to do, I know she’ll be fantastic at it. And I’ll always be her proud mummy – even if she can be a pain in the neck.

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