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The dangers of socializing

I’ve mentioned it before, my daughter is a very sociable little girl. She loves playing with other children and will join in games with younger or older children at any opportunity. Her father and I are not at all like this, so I’m not really sure where this trait comes from but I think it’s fab. I hate being shy, so I hope she stays this way.

That said, however, toddlers’ sponge-like absorption of everything combined with playing with other children can have some undesirable consequences.

Here are the top dangers of hanging around other people’s children:

Baby talk

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I’ll just get it out in the open. I hate baby talk. It grates on me.

I’m not really sure why I have such a problem with it, but I do. And this week, my daughter has been coming out with baby words all the time.

She used to tell me if she’d hurt herself. Usually by saying, ‘I’ve hurt myself.’ Now she has an ‘owie’. Dogs were previously dogs (or gods because she tends to swap consonants, but at least she was trying) now they’re doggies or puppies. Rabbits have become bunnies, etc.

I’ve never spoken to her like this, partly because it would drive me bonkers and partly because I don’t see the point. Why teach your child a load of words that they’ll then have to un-learn? My daughter is already learning two-and-a-half languages (British English, Canadian English and French), throwing additional useless vocabulary into the mix just seems slightly cruel.

Using bad words

This is at the other end of the scale. She hasn’t picked up any swear words as such, but recently has been coming out with “Oh my God”, which I am not okay with. And also she’s been calling me mum, which is almost as bad.

An accent

As we live in Canada, it’s inevitable that she will develop a Canadian accent as some point, but if she starts to call me “Mommy” I may just abandon her somewhere. I imagine this is similar to how my mum felt when we came home with Telford accents shortly after starting school. (I don’t have a Telford accent by the way, my mum nipped that one in the bud.)

Bad behaviour

I would like to be able to blame her spitting, shrieking and random acts of violence on other children but sadly I think I she’s the bad influence there. She tends to be the first one to run off or start misbehaving leading all the other children to follow suit. One day, maybe she’ll use her natural leadership abilities for good…


So far we’ve escaped anything other than a runny nose, but I can’t help but feel that a nasty tummy bug or something can’t be too far away. While we were back in the UK she spent a wedding playing with a girl who later came down with chicken pox, so I spent three weeks checking her for spots at every sign she might be a bit under the weather. Thankfully she was fine, as that would have ruined our trip rather. I would quite like her to get chicken pox before she gets too old though…

Telling tales

I detest telling tales. Probably because I was a goody two shoes (and still am) and so everybody thought that I told tales. BUT I DIDN’T. And I still don’t 😉

Yesterday my daughter made up something that her baby brother had done, yelled “I’m telling mum!” (see previous point re use of mum) and ran over to me to tell tales, except she didn’t really know what telling tales was, so she just made noises until I told her to go away.

She wanted to tell tales, without even knowing what that means, just because she’s seen other children do it! Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.


Again, we haven’t had them yet, but I know it’s only a matter of time.

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Now that I’ve written it all down, it seems even worse. It appears that I have no choice but to commence lockdown, starting tomorrow. Looks like we’ll be homeschooling.*

*Hahahahahaha. I joke. Pre-school registration opens tomorrow and I have the pre-school’s number on speed dial to make sure I don’t miss out on a spot.

10 thoughts on “The dangers of socializing”

  1. This made me laugh. My eldest is developing a Plymouth accent (albeit it a posh version like mine obvs) and my husband doesn’t like it – he’s from Cheltenham dontcha know 🙂 Fingers crossed for chicken pox sooner than headlice! #itsok

  2. Oh yes they totally pick up awful habits from socialising but it’s unstoppable 🙄
    when mine first started pre school I was paranoid about all the things they would come home with but eventually you just get over it….#ItsOK

  3. haha – I was ‘mommy’ so when we moved here and I then became ‘mummy’ it was very awkward – for me. Weirdly I’m still Mooooommmm, but also mummy. My poor kids.

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