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New Mum Gift Box from Lykke Boks – review

Disclaimer: I paid for this gift box myself and was not asked to review. I just thought it was great so I’m spreading the word, although the photos of the gift box were taken by Lykkeboks.

A few weeks ago, one of my cousins over in Yorkshire in the U.K. had her first baby. I’d already made and despatched a present for the baby (which still hasn’t arrived five weeks later…) but I wanted something to make mum feel special too.

Becoming a mother can be a rough transition. You’re no longer Helen or Sarah or Jemima, you’re now Tallulah’s mummy (and a dairy cow if you’re breastfeeding). Everyone who visits wants to see the baby, hold the baby and give the baby (who actually doesn’t need very much) tonnes of gifts.

But poor old mum, who is sleep-deprived, coping with overwhelming postpartum hormones and the accompanying emotions and probably in a fair bit of pain, all while having the incredible responsibility of keeping a new human alive, gets slightly overlooked. Or at least, it can feel like that.

So anyway, I wanted to show my cousin that she hadn’t been forgotten and she deserved to be spoilt a bit.

As I’m in Canada at the moment, I couldn’t put together a gift basket myself (hampers always feel more of a treat, don’t they?) so I decided to have a look and see if there were any small, ideally Yorkshire-based, businesses doing gift boxes for new mums. I didn’t have to look very hard – a couple of days later I stumbled across Lykke Boks on Instagram. A small company run by a work at home mum, Hannah, that makes gift boxes in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

I have to be honest, I was sold as soon as I saw that some of her boxes come with a teabag of Yorkshire Tea. Anyone who appreciates that a gift is instantly made better by tea was definitely on my wavelength. Even better, all of the boxes had local products from other small businesses.

The only snag was that among the gorgeous gift boxes Hannah offered, none of them seemed to be specifically for new mums. But therein lies the beauty of shopping with small businesses! I contacted her and asked if she made them and she said she was just about to launch them so she could make a custom box for me. Serendipity!

We had that chat on the Friday and by Monday morning Hannah had come up with four options for me, each at a different price within the range I’d given her. Once I’d chosen my box and paid, Hannah sent it by the next post and my cousin got it the following day. How’s that for customer service?

One of Hannah’s photos of the gift box (I added the heart)

My cousin was thrilled. By the thought behind the gift box, yes, but also by all the fantastic treats inside.

The box I went for had handmade chocolates (from another of Hannah’s businesses, Bear and Mouse Chocolate), some fancy teas, a bar of goats milk soap, a breastfeeding reminder bracelet (from another of Hannah’s businesses, Feather and Tweed) and a little decoration with the new baby’s name and date of birth.

By the time I read my cousin’s thank you message later that day, she was already using the breastfeeding bracelet and had eaten the chocolates. Clearly, they hit the spot!

(And it’s not just first-time mums either; even veteran mothers need a bit of TLC. The photo above is of me with my second-born on my birthday, when he’d refused to sleep anywhere but in my arms all night, and had been feeding every two hours since his birth five weeks previously. Also, I wish I’d used a bracelet to remind me which side I’d fed on, as I forgot so often that I ended up extremely lop-sided by the time I weaned him nineteen months later…)

The new mum gift boxes are now available to order on the Lykke Boks website, along with other fab gift boxes for all sorts of occasions. If you know someone in the U.K. who’s just had a baby or is about to, I highly recommend sending her one of these boxes. They’re a brilliant way to show you care and support small businesses at the same time. What’s not to love?

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