Hello and welcome to the Mulberry Bush!

I’m Helen. I’m a British housewife and mother-of-three. My first two children were born in Canada, my third was born in my home town in the UK and now we’re in Switzerland.

Here you’ll find some free-from recipes, things to do around Metro Vancouver in Canada and the Midlands in the UK and my rants and musings on parenthood.

I decided to start this blog so that I remember the funny, difficult, wonderful, exasperating experience of having small children; so that I can remember the recipes I try that actually work; and so that I can share days out that we enjoy. And also so that being a stay at home mum of a baby and very strong-willed little girl thousands of kilometres away from my family doesn’t drive me completely insane.

All of the recipes on here are ones that my family enjoys. My husband and I don’t eat eggs, gluten or dairy so if you’re looking for free-from recipes, you’ve come to the right place! With two small children around and a limited amount of time and money to spend on ingredients, my husband or I usually take the photos just before we eat, so please do excuse the dubious quality!

Five fun facts about me (and a bonus one):

  1. I gave birth to my first two children at home with no pain relief (and my third in hospital with no pain relief – much prefer a homebirth!). I’m not really sure why, but I’m glad I did (and was lucky enough to be able to).
  2. I am fluent in French.
  3. I travelled for three months around Asia and Oceania while pregnant with my first child. (Chronicled here, if you’re interested: twopointfivedrifters.blogspot.com)
  4. I was vegetarian for a year but one day the yearning for a roast chicken sandwich grew too strong and I’ve never looked back.
  5. I love porridge. I have porridge every day for breakfast. If I think that maybe I should change things up a bit and have something different, I end up just wishing I’d had porridge.
  6. I am addicted to The Archers. I want to live in Ambridge, preferably with Pat – she’s a radical feminist who still cooks for her family and makes sure they always have a flask of tea or coffee.

Thanks for popping by!